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Graduation capABC-Gruppen is Swedens and scandinavias largest supplier of graduation hats and related products. Over the years, 500.000 graduating students has chosen us to deliver one of the most important products of their lives – the graduation hat, symbolizing the end of the school and an important step into adulthood.

We market our products over the internet as well as in schools where we give the opportunity to pupils to try out their own hats and accessories under the supervision of our staff. For anyone who does not participate at this event, our webshop offers all the same opportunities to customize a hat with any personal embroidery etc.

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While the information on our site is mostly in Swedish, our customer service team is always on hand in english and can be contacted at +46-(0)771-998899 or by e-mail.


For en skoletid der er værd at huske! Studenterhuer og studentertøj er blot nogle af vores produkter og tjenester.


Du kan finde svar på de mest almindelige spørgsmål på vores hjemmeside. Du er også velkommen til at kontakte vores kundeservice med dine spørgsmål.

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In English

ABC-Gruppen is the largest supplier of graduation hats in Sweden and Scandinavia. Read more about us in English here.